Surge protection device for power supply & information tech.
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Filtriranje pretrage
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Mounting method
Nominal voltage AC
Nominal voltage DC
Max. continuous voltage AC
Max. continuous voltage DC
Nominal load current
Nominal discharge surge current (8/20)
Connector (information technology)
Voltage protection level L-N
Voltage protection level L-PE/N-PE
Signal nominal voltage DC
Signal nominal voltage AC
Signal - maximum continuous voltage DC
Signal - maximum continuous voltage AC
Signal nominal load current
Signal nominal discharge surge current (8/20)
Signal safety level core/earth
Signal safety level core/core
Signal frequency
Signal critical frequency
Signalling at the device
With remote signalling contact
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5092812 | FC-ISDN-D
Nett WSP*
689,02 hrk
Retail price
861,28 hrk
WSP 689,02 HRK
RP 861,28 HRK
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5093415 | V10-C 1-280
Nett WSP*
161,71 hrk
Retail price
202,14 hrk
WSP 161,71 HRK
RP 202,14 HRK
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5096647 | V20-C U-3PH-Y
Nett WSP*
268,20 hrk
Retail price
335,25 hrk
WSP 268,20 HRK
RP 335,25 HRK
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