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Premiumgehäuse für Universal-Panel. Produktbereich: Magelis GTU - Produkt oder Komponententyp: Anschlusselement - Kurzbezeichnung des Geräts: Premiumgehäuse - Bereichs-Kompatibilität: Magelis GTU - Ethernet-Anschluss: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T - Speicherbeschreibung: 256 MB RAM (intern), 512 kB NVRAM (Backup-Speicher).

Product ID:1698564
Description 1:HMIG3U
Description 2:Premiumgehäuse für Universal-Panel. Produktbe...
Manufacturer number:HMIG3U
Unit of measure:KOM
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Retail price8.546,25 hrk
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Width188 mm
Height131 mm
Depth45 mm
Suitable for safety functions
With hard disc
With CD-RW drive
Operation temperature60 - 60 °C
Voltage type of supply voltageDC
Supporting protocol for LON
Number of HW-interfaces industrial Ethernet2
Number of HW-interfaces RS-2322
Number of HW-interfaces RS-4222
Number of HW-interfaces RS-4854
Number of HW-interfaces serial TTY0
Number of HW-interfaces USB3
Number of HW-interfaces parallel1
Number of HW-interfaces other1
Suitable for operating system Windows 9x
Suitable for operating system Windows 2000
Suitable for operating system Windows XP
Suitable for operating system Windows ME
Suitable for operating system Windows CE
Suitable for operating system Linux
Suitable for other operating systems
Supporting protocol for ASI
Supporting protocol for PROFIBUS
Supporting protocol for CAN
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS
Supporting protocol for KNX
Supporting protocol for MODBUS
Supporting protocol for Data-Highway
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet
Supporting protocol for SUCONET
Supporting protocol for other bus systems
Processor typeRISC
Max. main memory1024 Mbyte
With CD-ROM drive
DVD-drive available
DVD RW drive available
With floppy disc drive
With other storage media
With graphic card
With sound card
Customer individual configuration
Number of free AGP-slots0
Number of free PCI-slots0
Number of free ISA-slots0
Number of free PCMCIA-slots0
Number of other free slots0
Rail mounting possible
Construction type housingBox
Degree of protection (IP)Other
Supporting protocol for SERCOS
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS-Safety
Number of HW-interfaces PROFINET0
Number of HW-interfaces Wireless0
Front build in possible
Rack-assembly possible
Wall mounting/direct mounting
Suitable for operating system Windows 2003 Server
Suitable for operating system Windows Vista
Radio standard Bluetooth
Radio standard WLAN 802.11
IO link master
Supporting protocol for AS-Interface Safety at Work
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safety
Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IP
Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbus
Supporting protocol for PROFINET CBA
Supporting protocol for PROFINET IO
Supporting protocol for PROFIsafe
Supporting protocol for SafetyBUS p
Supply voltage AC 50 Hz- V
Supply voltage AC 60 Hz- V
Supply voltage DC12 - 24 V
Preinstalled operating systemOther
Radio standard GPRS
Radio standard GSM
Radio standard UMTS
Suitable for operating system Windows 7
Suitable for operating system Windows 8