OBO 5096647 | V20-C U-3PH-Y
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5096647 | V20-C U-3PH-Y

OBO 5096647 | V20-C U-3PH-Y

Product ID:1081545
Description 1:5096647 | V20-C U-3PH-Y
Manufacturer number:5096647
Unit of measure:KOM
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Mounting method-
Nominal voltage AC- V
Nominal voltage DC- V
Max. continuous voltage AC- V
Max. continuous voltage DC- V
Nominal load current- A
Nominal discharge surge current (8/20)- kA
Connector (information technology)-
Voltage protection level L-N- kV
Voltage protection level L-PE/N-PE- kV
Signal nominal voltage DC- V
Signal nominal voltage AC- V
Signal - maximum continuous voltage DC- V
Signal - maximum continuous voltage AC- V
Signal nominal load current- A
Signal nominal discharge surge current (8/20)- kA
Signal safety level core/earth- kV
Signal safety level core/core- kV
Signal frequency- - - MHz
Signal critical frequency- MHz
Signalling at the device-
With remote signalling contact-